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  At present I have only uploaded about half of the lower 6th work so click on organic 1 for that
Organic 2 for upper sixth work (soon).

This mini site has been developed to support my teaching of Nuffield A level Chemistry. It only contains notes on the orgnic topics. That is:
Module 1 - topic 2 - alcohols
Module 2 - topic 8  - hydrocarbons
                - topic 10 - organic halides
Module 4 - topic 12 - arenes and phenols
                - topic 15 - aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and thier dirivatives
Module 6 - topic 18 - polymers
                - topic 20 - organic synthesis.

Creating these pages is a large task, and one which I may not complete, how much gets done depends to an extent on when Mr Metcalfe returns. My priority will remain to create notes on what I have covered.