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Topic 8


8.1 The variety of molecular structure in organic compounds. Properties of C-C bonds;
rules for naming organic compounds, names and structures of some functional groups.
8.2 The alkanes. The importance of alkanes in the petroleum industry; the chemical and
physical properties of the alkanes; photochemical reaction of alkanes; free radical
substitution; homolytic and heterolytic fission; chain reactions.
8.3 Background reading. Octane number of petrol hydrocarbons.
8.4 The alkenes. The uses of alkenes; nomenclature of alkenes; cis-trans isomers, limonene by
steam distillation, the physical and chemical properties of alkenes, addition reactions,
8.5 Background reading. Polymerisation.

In this site topic 8 is covered in the two sections on alkanes and alkenes

  1. Naming alkanes and thier physical properties
  2. Reaction with halogens(g)
  3. Reaction with halogens(aq)
  4. Reaction with Hydrogen Halides (Markovnikov's rule)
  5. Concentrated sulphuric acid
  6. Reaction with acidified potassium manganate(VII)
  7. Polymerisation reactions of alkenes
  8. EZ naming (not required by upper sixth)