flashIntroductory lesson in Macromedia Flash home

Whether or not you realize it - you are a fan of flash!

When you go on to a web site to play a game often they are written in flash. Flash is aptly named the "flash" parts of the web are written in it. So I think you will want to learn it. It is fun.

This set of lessons shows you how to get started with flash. The lessons last varying amounts of time from a few minutes to perhaps half an hour. All the images you are likely to use are on the student shared drive in folder called flash images. Once you have done the lesson you will problem want to use the skill you have learned to make something for yourself.

The lessons have to be worked through in the order shown below. As skills taught in the early lessons are developed in later lessons and the vocabulary builds on what you have already been shown.

  1. Making a motion tween
  2. Making a shape tween
  3. Working with layers
  4. Using a motion guide
  5. Using a mask
  6. Using a bouncing effect

Each lesson comes with a demonstration at the top. This shows you the skill you are about to learn.