flashBouncing effect in Flash 8


This tutorial will teach you how to create a bouncing effect animation using Motion Tween and Shape Tween in Flash MX 2004. The .fla download file is included at the end of the tutorial.
In the demonstration, the bouncing heart animation is created using motion tween and the shadow effect using shape tween.


Create a Symbol

  1. First draw an object for Motion Tween.
    Like in the above demonstration I used a worm.
  2. Select the object you have drawn and press F8 to convert this object to a Symbol.
  3. In the Symbol window which appears now. Name this object heart_mc, choose Movie clip behavior and bottom center square for registration. Press OK.

Create a Motion Tween

  1. Double click on the Layer and type "worm".
  2. Select Frame 30 and press F6 to insert a keyframe.
  3. Select Frame 15 and press F6 to add another keyframe.
  4. With the playhead still on Frame 15, hold the Shift key to move the heart_mc in a straight line, and drag the heart_mc up.
  5. Select any frame between Frames 2 and 14 and select Motion from the tween pop-up menu in the Property inspector.
  6. Select any frame between Frames 16 and 29 and select Motion from the tween pop-up menu in the Property inspector.
  7. Press Ctrl+S to save your changes.

Create a Shape Tween

  1. Insert a new Layer and call it "Shadow".
  2. Select the first frame in the Shadow Layer, draw borderless shadow relevant to your Symbol.
  3. If your Color Mixture Window is not open, press Shift+F9 to open it.
  4. Select Eyedropper tool from your Tool box. Click it on your shadow. Now go to Color Mixture Window and type 25% for Alpha value.

Now its time for Final touch up

Press Ctrl+Enter to view your animation.


Download the .fla file