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Time Line for Theory Work AS ICT - 2006/2007

Week Commencing Theory Topic Homework

('AS' ICT Text Book)

04-Sep-2006 Outline of course specification
Summary of each module
Policy on homework / attendance
Preparatory work. Read Chapters 1
11-Sep-2006 ICT in the supermarket Answer the supermarket Questions Read Chpt 4 and 5
18-Sep-2006 ICT In banking Homework Comes from practical work Read Chpt 2

ICT In manufacturing

Homework Comes from practical work

Read Chpt 3
2-Oct-2006 Data Information and Knowledge
Answer the Questions Read Chpt 8 Chpt 8 q 1 - 3 p38
09-Oct-2006 Value and importance of Information Questions on Data Warehouses Read Chpt 9 Chpt 9 q 1 - 3 p43
16-Oct-2006 Capabilities and limitations of ICT Questions on Limitations Read Chpt 7
23-Oct-2006 Control of information Questions of Control of Information Read Chpt 6


Half Term
Project - Research
6-Nov-2006 Social Impact of ICT Questions on social impact Practical work
13-Nov-2006 Communication Systems Communication Systems Questions Practical work

Information and the Professional

Questions on Professionalism

Read Chpt 11 Chpt 11 q1,2 p53

28-Nov-2006 Data Theft Viruses Questions on Data Theft Virus Quiz Read Chpt 10 Chpt 10 q1,2 p49
4-Dec-2006 The Law Legal Questions Read Chpt 12 Chpt 12 q1-3 p58
11-Dec-2006 Health and safety H&S Questions Read Chpt 13 Chpt 13 q2,3 p64
18-Dec-2006 End of term test Sample questions Page 67 Heathcote Revision
25-Dec-2006 Christmas Holidays