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    State of Play

    As Of 07 September 2007

    This section tells you what is done and what is being done to the A level web site.

    This site is a site that was fully functional some 4 years ago - under another name and location. I have, rather hurriedly, resurrected the site. There are a host of things that need to be re-written. But for the moment I have simply restored what was there.  I hope to build a completely new site for the new A level specification.


    This section was of importance when I had classes to teach They could use it to see what  they missed through absence. This section contains data for last academic year, I have no plans to update it.

    Case Studies

    The case studies are mostly complete, however there are a few pages that I have not been able to install on this site. They are presently non functioning pages. It is likely that some of the links to external sites are dead or go dead when those sites change if this happens let me know.

    Module 1,2,4


    Module 5

    Complete apart from some of the question pages - Not sure if I will find time to do these they are a low priority

    Module 3,6

    There is a section in each of these but they are practical modules so not much theory to cover. I suggest you look at the fat max Guides they are excellent.


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