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The Supermarket

The supermarket is very much a thing of the second half of the 20th centuary. Prior to then several technologies were not in place to allow this to happen. In particular refrideration and preserving techniques, farming, and harvesting, and transportation infrastructuires were insufficiently developed to allow this type of food sales.

The supermarkets also make heavy and increasing use of ICT in oprder to gain competitive edge in the market place. The use of ICT has allowed changes in working methods and employment paterns. ICT has been the driving force behind changes in distribution methods and how the supoermarket chains source thier goods.

This case study has been broken down into the following sections:

  1. The history of the supermarket
  2. The sale of goods in a modern supermarket
  3. The EAN barcode system
  4. Just In Time
  5. The use of the internet
  6. Customer Databases and loyality cards
  7. Links to the Supermarkets on the web
  8. Computer Free Supermarkets?
  9. Questions.