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Module ICT1-03 - Control of Information

This module looks at the issues involved with holding personal data and the access levels that can be used to limit its availability.

The module is split into a number of sections which are intended to be used for reading prior to attempting the assessment questions provided. Additional items of research are provided to give background information from other sources such as books and related Internet sites.


10.3 Control of information

  • Describe the legal rights and obligations on holders of personal data to permit access.
  • Understand that the sale of entitlement to access to data may mean paying for a more convenient form of access, the right of which already exists.
  • Understand that files on individuals and on organisations that are non-disclosable have commercial value.

Module Content:

  1. Control Of Information
  2. Data Protection Act Implications
  3. Questions

Additional Information:

A Level Information Technology P. M. Heathcote p42 - p61
A Level Information Technology Revision Notes Letts p55 - p60