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Module ICT1-04 - Capabilities and Limitations of IT

looks at the facilities provided by IT systems to enable data processing to be more useful and more efficient. It also looks at some of the current limitations of the systems in use.


10.4 Capabilities and limitations of information technology

  • Understand that ICT systems offer fast repetitive processing, vast storage capability, the facility to search and combine data in many different ways which would otherwise be impossible. This can provide quality information.
  • Understand that the response speed of technology within ICT systems facilitates the use of feedback, e.g. maintenance of optimum stock levels, electronic fund/money management systems.
  • Understand that there are limitations in the use of ICT systems and in the information they produce. Factors could include hardware, software and communications limitations in addition to inappropriate data models and data control mechanisms.

Module Content:

  1. Capabilities and limitations of IT
  2. Questions

Additional Information:

A Level Information Technology P. M. Heathcote p1 - p24
A Level Information Technology Revision Notes Letts p107 - p111