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Module ICT1-09 - Legal Framework

looks at the issues relating to the current laws affecting IT related systems. These currently fall into two areas: illegal use of data and health and safety at work.


10.9 The legal framework, Software and data misuse, Data protection legislation

The Legal Framework

  • This section applies to current British legislation and its relationship to the Council of Europe Convention directives

Software and data misuse

  • Describe the anti-hacking provisions of the Computer Misuse Act.
  • Describe the principles of software copyright and licensing agreements.

Data protection legislation

  • Recall the nature, purpose and provisions of the current data protection legislation of the Public Register.
  • Recall the type of data covered and various exemptions from the legislation.
  • Describe the definitions of processing and consent to process.
  • Explain how the requirements of the legislation impact on data collection and use.
  • Describe the obligations of data users under the legislation.
  • Recall the rights of individuals under the legislation.
  • Recall the role of the Registrar in encouraging good practice, acting as Ombudsman and enforcing legislation.

Module Content:

  1. History of Data Protection Acts
  2. Definitions of the Data Protection Act 1998
  3. Content of Data Protection Act 1998
  4. Computer Misuse Act 1990
  5. DPA Questions
  6. CMA Questions

Additional Information:

A Level Information Technology P. M. Heathcote p42 - p61
A Level Information Technology Revision Notes Letts p55 - p60

1998 Data Protection Act: