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This module is worth 15% of the A2 examination. It is examined by means of a single examination that is 105 minutes long. In the past the exam has contained short answer questions, an analysis of the frequency with which the 9 sections of the syllabus are questioned will be provided closer to the examination.

You will find each section of the syllabus by clicking on the buttons above. Each section contains the syllabus, links to my notes on that section, and references to textbooks. In due course I expect to include the PowerPoint presentations used to teach the course, and other teaching materials.

ICT4 - Information: Systems Within Organisations

  1. ICT4-01 - Organisational Structure
  2. ICT4-02 - MIS and System Life Cycle
  3. ICT4-03 - Corporate Strategy
  4. ICT4-04 - Information, Data and Knowledge
  5. ICT4-05 - Management of Change
  6. ICT4-06 - Legal Issues - 2
  7. ICT4-07 - Training and user support
  8. ICT4-08 - Project Management
  9. ICT4-09 - Information and the professional