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Module 5

ICT5 - Information : Policy Strategy and Systems

This is forth theory module of the A level syllabus. This module is worth 15% of the A2 examination. It is examined by means of a single examination that is 120 minutes long. In the past the exam has contained short answer questions, an analysis of the frequency with which the 10 sections of the syllabus are questioned will be provided closer to the examination.

ICT5 like ICT2 focuses on information. The examination questions can appear to be very similar. However module five deals with this area at a different level to module 2 The easiest way to think about this is to say that module five has the view of the whole organisation whereas module 2 has the view of a single user.

Syllabus content:

  1. ICT5-01 - Policy and Strategy Issues
  2. ICT5-02 - Software
  3. ICT5-03 - Database Management Concepts
  4. ICT5-04 - Communication and Information Systems
  5. ICT5-05 - Networks
  6. ICT5-06 - Human Computer Interaction
  7. ICT5-07 - Human Computer Interface
  8. ICT5-08 - Software Development
  9. ICT5-09 - Software Reliability
  10. ICT5-10 - Portability of Data
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