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A well-balanced healthy diet should be the easiest thing if you live in the EU: The supermarkets are filled with high quality food in what seems to be an infinite selection to choose from. There was never a time when food was available in such a wide variety and with such good quality. Very few people can remember what it was like to starve and not have any food in The European Union.

Despite these facts people nowadays are more confused than ever before when it comes to eating healthily.

We are bombarded day in and day out with information on how to eat properly.

We are eating too much! We are not eating the right food! We are not eating enough dietary fibre! We put too much salt in our food! We are eating too much fat! etc.

In addition to this, there are many trends to follow! Sometimes we are told that it is Vitamin E that is meant to be the miracle supplement that can prevent all kinds of illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. Vitamin E also allegedly guarantees health and virility for years to come. Sometimes its melatonin, selenium or omega-3- fatty acids. Take your pick!

Nutritional health has become a million dollar business. All kinds of medications and substances with various promises are constantly on offer. However, most of the information which these products offer cannot be scientifically proven or they are only correct with certain limitations.

It is forgotten all too quickly that we are still only very gradually learning how the human body functions.

As you are doing research for this project it would be easy to fail to get reliable information. These pages will not provide you with all you need but they will form a basis on which you can build your project.